jellykins !

Twirling, Swirling, Whirling

Ah! So you've found your way to my about page. Well, like I said, my name is Jelly, but I also go by several other names, such as Bebs, Sweetwater, as well as names borrowed from my kintypes (shrine coming soon for those, by the way!) I am a proud Afro-Samoan. I'm a demisexual omniromantic mintgender demigirl (try saying that five times fast), and my main sets of pronouns are they/she, fey/fem, and law/laws. I have many interests, like most Nintendo franchises other than Splatoon such as Pokemon and Kirby, as well as several indie games like Hollow Knight, A Hat in Time, Ib, and Helltaker. I'm also into larger franchises like Genshin Impact, Dislyte, Identity V, and Cookie Run. Trust me, I do not have a gambling addiction. I'm proud to say I've never spent a dime on any gacha game ever! And finally, though I don't post about them much, my favorite anime are Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and Artiswitch, among a few others. For more general activities, I am an avid artist, as well as a writer and occasionally a musician, and I'm also a doll collector. Of course, this isn't everything, as trying to fit every interest of mine would take up way too much space. But if you share what interests I have listed here, then you just made yourself a new friend. This cannot be changed. No refunds!